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The Law Office of Shawn C. Brown, PC - dwi & drug defense
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Protect Your Rights And Your Future

You are scared. You are worried about paying fines you cannot afford, going to jail when your family depends on you, getting deported or having a criminal record that will affect every job opportunity from here on out. Fighting alone is not an option. You need to put a strong defense attorney in your corner, and that is all you will find at The Law Office of Shawn C. Brown, PC, in San Antonio, representing clients throughout South Texas.

Who We Are

The Law Office of Shawn C. Brown, PC, is a group of experienced attorneys and native Texans. We focus only on criminal defense cases and related matters. We have fought for clients in state and federal court, resolved misdemeanors and serious felonies and handled everything from DWI and drug crimes to violent crimes.

The legal community has taken notice of the hard work we put in for our clients and the successful results we obtain on their behalf. For example, our law firm has been voted onto S.A. Scene's "San Antonio Lawyers: Best of" list from 2012 - 2015.


  • Shawn Brown did a great job defending me in court. My case took a year and a half to go to trial and throughout that time he explained everything thoroughly to me and was very quick to respond to any questions or concerns I may have had.

  • My experience with Mr. Brown has been nothing short of incredible. I hired him for a case that took two years to go to trial. In that time, Mr. Brown communicated with me regularly, was responsive to any questions or needs I had, was always well informed about the case, and his professionalism was unparalleled. Mr. Brown's results speak for themselves.

  • After being arrested and needing help, I immediately called Shawn C. Brown. He posted bail, we had our initial meeting, and from that moment on, I knew I was in good hands. Mr. Brown was polite, considerate, professional, and treats you with respect! Throughout the course of going to court and finally having the option to take a plea or go to trial, we both agreed to take my dui case to trial. WOW...

  • I don't have enough words to describe how amazing the experience with this attorney was. He worked very hard to make sure to have the best possible outcome. I could not have asked for better services. From the moment I first called until my case was over, I was at ease that I had made the right choice.

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What We Do

The ability to practice criminal defense is one thing, but being able to win is another. We have a winning record because we do three things the same in every case:

  • Step 1: Have your back. We start protecting your rights the minute you call, and we remain attentive throughout our entire representation.
  • Step 2: Tear apart the prosecution's case. We conduct our own investigation and do everything we can to keep damaging evidence out of consideration.
  • Step 3: Fight for the best outcome. Dismissal is always our first priority. When that is not possible, we fight to reduce the charges and minimize the consequences.

Personal Injury Representation

Our process starts the same way when representing you in a personal injury claim. We have your back and immediately start working to protect your rights.

What do you need to do after an accident? Where can you turn after for legal advice? Our experienced attorneys will provide dedicated service and fight for maximum compensation. Regardless of the size of your claim, you can expect the highest level of care and compassion. This client-centric focus is how we have built our reputation over the years.


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