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Shawn C. Brown Law, P.C.


No attorney can guarantee the outcome of your case, however, we can and do guarantee our efforts and that we will:

  • Meet and discuss your case with you at no charge, including visit you in jail

  • Provide you with a written Retainer Agreement clearly detailing our responsibilities

  • Remain available for your questions and comments

  • Be accessible by a combination of office telephone and email 24-hours a day

  • Clearly explain your options and alternatives as your case progresses

  • Provide our best possible analysis of any contemplated plea bargain disposition

  • Fully prepare for trial (if necessary) and at trial zealously represent your interests

  • Assist you after your case is completed to clear your record if possible

Call us at 1-888-WE-FIGHT and 210-224-8400 or send us an email any time of the day, any day of the week. Hablamos español.



He’s a beast. I knew from when I sat in the chair we were gonna win, my case was dismissed, and will be expunged! I highly recommend Bryan, he’s small but packs a big punch lol thanks Bryan!!!!