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Shawn is the best lawyer hands down. He proves himself beyond excelence and was very strong when handling my case. He took my dwi case and dealt with my federal probation recocation and made me feel at ease knowing he had both cases under his power. He got me off from my revocation on federal probation and got my dwi dismissed. I wouldn’t go to any other lawyer and I wouldn’t refer anyone else but the best. Shawn has proven to be the best I’ve seen. If you ever need legal help. Hire shawn I can guarantee you will not be disappointed!!!

He’s a beast. I knew from when I sat in the chair we were gonna win, my case was dismissed, and will be expunged! I highly recommend Bryan, he’s small but packs a big punch lol thanks Bryan!!!!

This review is a little late and I apologize for that…a year ago I had a DWI charge. Bryan was the attorney helping me out with the case and from start to finish was thorough, polite and more importantly able to get the case dismissed. I was ready to accept what the great state of Texas had to hand down for my stupid mistake but with Bryan as well as the professional staff on my side, the outcome was even better. People make mistakes and as long as we learn from our mistakes…we all deserve a second chance. Bryan, thank you for everything you did, you’re the best bubba! Asking this firm and anyone from this staff to help with any legal problems one may have, is the first step in the RIGHT direction. From start to finish there’s no one better.

I was recommended to contact Shawn Brown over an alleged charge. He took command and got it shot down within a short amount of time. Amazing attorney. If you want a fighter who doesn’t play around when it comes to someone’s career and livelihood, this is by far the attorney you want on your side!

Best lawyers in town. Travis and Shawn are AMAZING and will go above and beyond to get the best possible out come. Very professional and punctual. They care about their clients, respond quickly and are there whenever you need them. I cannot tell you how pleased I am.

“ACQUITTED” That was what the paper says! It meant that i was NOT GUILTY of what the state of TEXAS was charging me with . Adrian Flores and Alex(didn’t catch his last name). Protected me and i MEAN “PROTECTED” my rights. It was an emotional roll coaster for me and i’m sure it was for Adrian as well. He really did make me feel like he was the one standing trial. Which in my opinion is how you want to feel. The trial went longer then it should of due to the states D.A. pushing an issue that wasn’t or shouldn’t have been. They throw EVERYTHING at Adrian and tried to hide curtain info so that the jury wouldn’t know the truth. Adrian RESPONDED to every attempt they made at hiding the truth! It was a nightmare for me! So much so that i even made the MISTAKE OF DOUBTING Adrian’s efforts

He wound up WINNING! Adrian is a GENIUS at what he does! He pulled out all the stops on the states GUARD DOG! I can’t lie i cried when i heard “NOT GUILTY” I can say i’d never heard those words with ANY OTHER ATTORNEY. If you are being charged YOU MUST HIRE ADRIAN FLORES! I mean that. He is worth WAY MORE THEN HE CHARGES(for me and my situation he under charged in my opinion)!

These guys got me through a really tough spot. Adrian really knows what he’s doing. In the end, the case was dismissed. Thanks to your whole team!

Excellent law firm that handles anything from traffic tickets to complex federal cases and everything in between. DWI, all misdemeanors and felonies all over the State of TX

I walked into his office not knowing really where to begin. Shawn helped guide me through my situation and reached the best possible outcome. He and is legal team are damn good in court and damn good people.

I’ve known this man going on 35+ years now. I’ve witnessed him argue cases in court, he is detail oriented, and a family man with integrity. I will always want him in my corner if a case arises.

My alleged DWI occurred March 3, 2011 I was put into contact with Shawn through my uncle, which said if you want the best here’s the guy. The district attorney waited 22 months after the date to charge me with a DWI. In between that time, Shawn had already gone on my ALR license hearing. Fast forward another 28 months which is a total of 50 months after my alleged DWI and after several resets by the DA we are finally set for trial. I had my doubts as does any person given the board circumstances of my case, however, hearing in advance from my uncle and several friends who have used Shawn, I felt at ease. Constant communication throughout the process anytime I needed anything he was there to answer. Walking into court and actually witnessing him go to work reminded me of the “Thrilla in Manilla”. Every point the DA tried to bring, Shawn countered with careful calculation. We left the hearing expecting to be in trial at 1:30, and when I arrived back at the office, the DA had dismissed the entire case. Biggest weight lifted off my back after over 4 years.

Shawn Brown did a great job defending me in court. My case took a year and a half to go to trial and throughout that time he explained everything thoroughly to me and was very quick to respond to any questions or concerns I may have had. Mr. Brown and his team payed very close attention to detail to the information regarding my case and I felt that Shawn Brown really fought for me in court. I was very pleased with his attorney services and I am very lucky to have had him on my side. I would highly recommend Shawn Brown.

My experience with Mr. Brown has been nothing short of incredible. I hired him for a case that took two years to go to trial. In that time, Mr. Brown communicated with me regularly, was responsive to any questions or needs I had, was always well informed about the case, and his professionalism was unparalleled. Mr. Brown‘s results speak for themselves. He took a case (my case) that even I did not think was winnable and was successful in getting the results we wanted. I cannot speak highly enough about Mr. Brown and his associates. I would recommend to anyone in need of a good and honest attorney.

After being arrested and needing help, I immediately called Shawn C. Brown. He posted bail, we had our initial meeting, and from that moment on, I knew I was in good hands. Mr. Brown was polite, considerate, professional, and treats you with respect! Throughout the course of going to court and finally having the option to take a plea or go to trial, we both agreed to take my dui case to trial. WOW… That’s all I got to say… Mr. Brown was prepared, authoritative, clearly spoken, and to the point. Shawn shined like a bright light in the courtroom. In being so prepared and having a great legal staff, our artillery for the DA was effortless. THE GOOD GUYS won in this case. Yes, I was able to walk out NOT GUILTY… that’s because I had SHAWN C. BROWN as my attorney.

I have known Shawn for 30+ years. He is courteous and prompt. He handles matters privately and with the upmost professionalism. I have recommended family and friends to him on multiple occasions and he has treated them the same. He will be my attorney for family and business matters for years to come.

From the first time meeting Shawn I knew that I would be in good hands. Shawn was able to explain the whole process to me and put my mind at ease. He was very responsive to my questions and did a great job representing me. I won my case. I can’t thank Shawn enough for saving my career! I would recommend Shawn to any prospective clients.

Shawn Brown represented my significant other on a DWI charge. His staff was kind and helpful from the first phone call I made to them the night of the arrest. While the DA held fast at a 5-year prison sentence for almost a year, he negotiated probation. I cannot tell you how grateful we are to have our lives back. God Bless.

I don’t have enough words to describe how amazing the experience with this attorney was. He worked very hard to make sure to have the best possible outcome. I could not have asked for better services. From the moment I first called until my case was over, I was at ease that I has made the right choice. He and his staff were very prompt in all correspondence and kept me informed every step of the way.
Thank you again Shawn C. Brown!

Without going into specific details…A few years ago my son and his friend were accused and arrested for a crime that they did not commit. I contacted several different lawyers to discuss the case but they were either unable or unwilling to help. In frustration, I asked a family friend what I should do since the court date was looming closer and he recommended Mr.Brown. I contacted Mr.Brown’s office and had an appointment for the next day. In short, Mr.Brown not only agreed to take our case but eventually was able to prove our complete innocence .During the time it took for Mr.Brown to work on our case he always remained in contact with us and acted with the highest amount of integrity.Since our resolution, I have recommended him to several people needing a lawyer and all have had positive results. So if you need someone who cares about you and your family do yourself a favor and call Mr.Brown.

Very satisfied with the service I was provided with, I was kept informed throughout the entire process of my case, when I had questions I heard a response quickly, and the outcome of my case turned out better than I expected.

I have hired Shawn a couple of different times to handle all of my legal actions and every single time I’m more impressed with his dedication. I was so pleased with his representation that I have hired him on multiple legal actions and personal. Shawn is the best defense attorney in San Antonio and is a DWI trial specialist. He can handle any situation whatever your situation may be. I would definitely recommend Shawn Brown and my advice to you is to not shop around the best defense attorney in San Antonio is right here!!!

Shawn helped me with a charge that I’m not proud off. He got me off the hook, and lesson learned. This lawyer actually cares about his clients and families. Was very thorough and meticulous.

Shawn Brown handled my Forfeiture case and from beginning to end he kept me well informed of what was going on. He responded to my emails within minutes, took time out of his busy schedule to meet with me anytime I needed reassurance or when evidence and/or discovery surfaced from the DA’s office and last but not least – HE WON MY CASE AND GOT MY VEHICLE BACK!!! I heard and read about forfeiture cases taking 2-3 years to get property and or vehicles returned and Shawn got my vehicle back in LESS THAN A YEAR! Shawn is an AWESOME attorney and I would highly recommend him for criminal defense and forfeiture!!!

Federal drug case lawyer, and the best in SA as far as I’m concerned. He never stopped fighting even with a mountain of evidence mostly circumstantial. Was able to make a deal that prevented me from serving major time. Thank you Mr. Brown for caring about my case and being persistent. She saved my world and my family with be forever indebted. Much love

Shawn was persistent in his defense and didn’t back down from the DA’s evidence and witnesses. He had a large amount of damaging evidence omitted from my case thanks to his knowledge of the law. I would absolutely recommend Shawn Brown as a defense attorney.

Shawn helped me with my DWI, his argument abilities are astounding! He got me off on technicalities with video and breathalyzers. I will recommend him to everyone I know that has the misfortune of making mistakes in life as I did. Thank you Shawn!

Shawn handles cases with far more serious legal matters than ours, but he made us feel like our case was the most important case he had. Our son was being accused of theft and Shawn was able to eliminate the need for us to go to trial. He was efficient and extremely kind to our son while he was going through this ordeal. We would hire Shawn again in a heartbeat if we found ourselves in need of legal assistance in the future.


No attorney can guarantee the outcome of your case, however, we can and do guarantee our efforts and that we will:

  • Meet and discuss your case with you at no charge, including visit you in jail

  • Provide you with a written Retainer Agreement clearly detailing our responsibilities

  • Remain available for your questions and comments

  • Be accessible by a combination of office telephone and email 24-hours a day

  • Clearly explain your options and alternatives as your case progresses

  • Provide our best possible analysis of any contemplated plea bargain disposition

  • Fully prepare for trial (if necessary) and at trial zealously represent your interests

  • Assist you after your case is completed to clear your record if possible

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He’s a beast. I knew from when I sat in the chair we were gonna win, my case was dismissed, and will be expunged! I highly recommend Bryan, he’s small but packs a big punch lol thanks Bryan!!!!