Man faces theft offenses after allegedly scamming elderly

In San Antonio, construction work is a general necessity for homeowners. This is to maintain and improve property. When hiring a person to complete the work, there is a chance that allegations of wrongdoing will surface. People who are hired to perform services, are paid and then fail to complete the work can be confronted with allegations of theft offenses. Those arrested and charged with these criminal acts should be aware of their rights to a legal defense.

A 53-year-old man was arrested after he was accused of accepting two construction jobs, received money and then never did the work he was hired to do. The first incident occurred in January. A woman wanted him to replace the siding on her home. She gave him $2,000. He never went back. The woman attempted to get in touch with him, but he did not respond.

In another incident from autumn 2019, the man was hired to do several jobs including replacing the garage roof and home roof, and to put in a new air conditioner. He received $4,400 in total. After buying materials and beginning the work, he did not return after he was paid. Nor did he return calls from that person. He is confronted with felony charges related to stealing from the elderly.

Accusations of theft can vary from stealing from a store to white collar crimes to taking money for services and then not completing the work as requested. Regardless, a conviction can spark serious penalties depending on how much was taken. Those who are charged with felonies can be incarcerated for an extended period, be fined and deal with various long-term consequences. Understandably, stealing is negatively perceived in society. However, a person being accused and arrested does not tell the whole story.

There might have been extenuating circumstances in which this man was unable to complete the work. Or there could have been other issues that resulted in him accepting the funds and walking away without informing the homeowners or refunding their payment. No matter what, it is essential to forge a defense against theft offenses. Having legal assistance may help with a plea bargain or getting an acquittal. There could be alternatives to avoid the worst penalties. A firm with experience in criminal law should be called for a consultation to determine what steps to take.

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