Has your teen been arrested for drunk driving?

Parents of San Antonio area teens are well aware that their children do not always make the best decisions. Fortunately, most of the bad decisions they do make do not get them into serious trouble. But when a teen does make a bad decision, like driving after they have been drinking, it could affect them for many years to come.

No matter how strict parents have been with their children, they still don’t always listen and make good choices. Teens are incredibly influenced by their peers and one way a teen can get into trouble is if they drink alcohol. Teens are around alcohol a lot more than their parents may realize, whether it be in their friend’s basement, at a party, or even in their parents’ house. Occasionally these teens get into a car and drive after they have been drinking. If they are pulled over for drunk driving in Texas, they can face some serious consequences. These can include a fine, license suspension, community service, and alcohol awareness classes. They may also now have a criminal record which can affect their future. College admissions, scholarship opportunities, military enrollment, job opportunities, graduate school may all be affected by a drunk driving conviction.

An attorney who specializes in DUI can help a family who is facing this situation. An attorney understands that a lot is at stake and can advise the teen and their family what their best options are. They can investigate the circumstances surrounding the DUI and aggressively defend their client against these serious charges.

Parents understand that their teen doesn’t always make the best decisions but if they get into a serious situation it is important that their future is protected. Hiring an attorney to help represent their teen against serious charges like a DUI can be a good idea.

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