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As someone who uses ride-sharing services, such as Uber or Lyft, you likely enjoy their convenience. However, your safety is in the driver’s hands — and there is no absolute guarantee that the driver will make responsible choices. Likewise, electric scooters are an increasingly popular kind of ride-sharing vehicle in San Antonio, and accidents involving electric scooters can result in serious injuries.

If you were involved in a ride-sharing accident, you may be facing heavy medical bills and other costs resulting from the collision. However, fighting for compensation can be a complex task. At The Law Office of Shawn C. Brown, PC, we have the experience and knowledge to confront these tough cases. Our goal is to help you get the justice you deserve.


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Who Is Responsible For Injuries?

As a paying passenger, you might assume that your driver would make safe choices, or that the ride-sharing company would only employ reliable drivers. Unfortunately, that is not always the case.

Negligence may be a factor if:

  • The company did not thoroughly vet their driver

  • The driver failed to maintain their vehicle

  • The driver violated traffic laws

  • Another third party violated traffic laws or created hazardous conditions

Our dedicated team of attorneys can help you get to the bottom of your case. We can examine the crash report and other evidence to figure out whether the driver or their employer may be negligent. Whatever the situation may be, we can help you hold the right party liable for your injuries.

The Risks Of Electric Scooters

As San Antonio welcomes electric scooters and other shared vehicles, riders should be aware of the potential danger. Our firm cautions riders to operate these scooters safely, and we are prepared to help you if you suffered injuries while riding an electric scooter or if you were injured by a negligent scooter rider.

The risk of a serious accident is higher when:

  • The company that owns the vehicle fails to maintain it

  • Other people drive drunk or recklessly

  • Scooter riders are negligent and cause injuries to others

Ride-sharing smartphone apps may contain legal agreements that limit the company’s liability for accidents — or your ability to sue. If you are facing injuries from an electric scooter accident, contact our firm to arrange a free consultation regarding your options.

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Complex Cases Call For Professional Counsel

Your injuries may be just as devastating as they would be in a regular car crash, but ride-sharing accidents can be more difficult to face. The Law Office of Shawn C. Brown, PC, is ready to confidently face powerful ride-sharing companies, as well as insurance companies that try to minimize or deny your compensation. Call us at 1-888-WE-FIGHT or 210-224-8200, or contact our talented firm online to get a free consultation.