Domestic Violence DISMISSED

Let the criminal defense attorneys at the Law Office of Shawn C. Brown allay your fears in domestic violence cases

Posted by Jay Fathom

Domestic violence is certainly a serious matter for our society and one in which a competent San Antonio defense attorney can assist you with if you find yourself accused. And the number of cases recently reported by the is truly staggering to say the least. The website reports that one in every three women in the United States is assaulted or beaten during her lifetime, and more often than not, by a member of her own family.

While those disgusting statistics are no doubt staggering, they don’t even reflect the violence carried out by women against men. In a study undertaken by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it was shown that in 2010 more than 40% of the victims of severe physical domestic violence are found to be men.

But unlike women victims, male victims of domestic violence for the most part keep silent because of the perception that men are by far physically stronger and should be more able to more easily fend off an attack by a female.

During the week ending on May 8, the Law Office of Shawn C. Brown gained a significant victory in assault family violence court. However, it’s not what you might at first think. As born out by the statistics listed in the previous paragraph, one of Shawn’s female clients stood accused by her boyfriend of barging into his apartment, destroying items in his domicile and assaulting him in the process.

The boyfriend’s story, however, took on a new life, fueled in part by his own representation of what he swore was his girlfriends proclivity to commit violence against him. Prior to starting the trial Shawn and fellow attorney Adrian Flores were able to discover another police report from one month earlier.

In that first report, the boyfriend again stated that his girlfriend had gone to his apartment with the same modus operandi (MO) banging on his door and attempting to gain entry into his residence. But further scrutiny into the matter by Shawn and Adrian made it possible for the pair to catch the supposed boyfriend victim in a lie.

It was proven that the female client was not even at his apartment at all, but in fact abandoned on the side of the road where he had left her. After suffering the boyfriend’s assault and being kicked out of his vehicle, she called 911 to get her to a safe location. The 911 operator was able to trace her location by GPS and a police detective picked her up and took her home.

Following further investigation and subpoenaing of witnesses, it was shown through Shawn’s and Adrian’s relentless and thorough investigation that she was not at his apartment when he said she was. And after hearing this testimony during the trial, the prosecutor realized that his supposed victim had indeed lied. The prosecutor had no choice but to dismiss the case against our client.

The lawyers at the Shawn C. Brown firm were also successful in an expunction case for an arrest for DWI. They were able to get all records expunged, including fingerprints, mug shots, police reports and all other records that were related to the arrest after getting the DWI dismissed. Trust the legal system and the San Antonio defense attorneys at the Law Office of Shawn C. Brown. They will not leave you in the lurch and they will allay all of your fears and concerns.

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The Law Office of Shawn C. Brown recently represented a client that was rear-ended by a driver who was texting and driving. The client sustained head trauma, a hematoma and a broken foot. After fighting with the insurance company of the distracted driver, The Law Office of Shawn C. Brown was able to reach a total settlement for the client of $130,000.



Our Client was pulled over for allegedly swerving and driving without their headlights on. After the administration of the field sobriety tests, the client was arrested for DWI and their blood was taken. Attorney Bryan Orihel reviewed the blood results from the lab, and found multiple issues with the refrigeration of the blood sample and abnormalities in the actual test of the client’s blood. The case was set for trial in which the state DISMISSED all charges against our client.