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Corruption expert accused of money laundering

Texas residents may be aware that many Venezuelan officials have been accused of engaging in corruption, but Texans may be surprised to learn that a respected academic who wrote books about despotic South American regimes has been accused of helping them to launder money. Federal prosecutors say the 73-yewar-old University of Miami professor made hundreds of thousands of dollars for himself in 2017 and 2018 by helping Venezuelan officials launder millions in stolen money.

Many identity theft cases include mandatory sentences

When people think of identity theft charges in Texas, their mind may first go to major overseas projects or a comprehensive system. However, people can be charged with identity theft on the basis of a number of allegations, some of which seem surprisingly minor. At the same time, some federal identity theft offenses carry mandatory minimum sentences. Not all state or even federal charges require the imposition of these mandatory minimums, especially because of the wide range of issues that can be prosecuted under the banner of identity theft.

About larceny

Many Texans may think of larceny as common theft or stealing. However, some jurisdictions maintain conventional distinctions that consider larceny as a crime of its own and set it apart from other types of property offenses, such as robbery or embezzlement.

Hate crime charges may lead to more severe penalties

In Texas and around the country, people who are charged with offenses such as arson or murder may have hate crimes charges added if law enforcement authorities believe that they were motivated by bias. Hate crimes are prosecuted under federal law and may result in enhanced penalties.

Types of internet fraud

Texas and federal authorities take allegations of internet fraud very seriously. Internet fraud occurs when a person or group uses internet services or software to defraud or take advantage of other individuals. There are several methods that are often used to commit this type of crime.

About forgery laws in Texas

In Texas, forgery, or making a writing with the purpose of deceiving or harming another person, is a type of fraud. There is an assumption that an individual who has been charged for forging more than one writing had the specific intent to defraud, which is an essential element of the crime.

Defining computer fraud

Fraud is an attempt to deceive others or gain information that may be used to harm them. When such activities are conducted through electronic means, it is generally referred to as computer fraud. Examples of computer fraud in Texas and around the country may include sending spam or hoax emails asking for individuals to send money or installing spyware on their devices. Those who use another person's computer without consent may also be engaging in this type of fraud.

Process exists for sex offenders to request entry to public parks

Sex offenders in Texas have many limits imposed on where they can go. This includes entry into a public park. However, there is an exemption process that could allow an offender to gain approval to visit one or more parks. The application for an exemption on the restriction of park use can be obtained at the Sex Offender Registration Office in San Antonio.

Kidnapping charges in Texas

Individuals in Texas and elsewhere across the nation who are finding themselves involved in a situation that could be interpreted as kidnapping may want to know more about the state and federal laws that might apply to their unique set of circumstances. Kidnapping is defined as the intentional or knowing abduction of another person. In some cases, the taking of a child by a non-custodial parent could result in the filing of kidnapping charges against that party.

Alleged hitman could face life in prison

A Texas resident who authorities say worked as a hitman for the Mexican Mafia could face life behind bars for several murders. On July 28, the 38-year-old man pleaded guilty to five counts of murder in the aid of racketeering and five counts of firing a gun in retaliation for a violent crime.


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