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Arrests increase despite drop in violent crimes

A trend is emerging across the United States that may interest residents of Texas. Though crime has been declining for several decades, studies show that arrest numbers have increased. A new study found that people across the United States are now much more likely to be arrested before the age of 26 than those in previous generations.

Determining if an eyewitness picks a guilty suspect

When Texas residents witness a crime, they may be asked to view a lineup or an array of photos in order to identify the individual who committed the crime. Although the guilty individual may be in the photos or lineup, it is possible that the police have the wrong person in the lineup. Since police cases often depend on if a witness picks the suspect, it is important to realize that witnesses often make errors as well.

AI systems may not be fair to criminal defendants

Artificial intelligence is becoming more and more important as automation takes over many tasks and algorithms make trillions of decisions every day. Even the criminal justice system is impacted by the use of AI, as algorithms are often used to make assessments of defendants. People in Texas who are charged with a crime are innocent until proven guilty, but AI technology like risk-assessment tools can make determinations that are disadvantageous to defendants.

Detalles importantes que debe conocer sobre los delitos menores

Los delitos menores no son tan graves según la ley como los delitos graves, lo que significa que implican castigos menos severos. En los Estados Unidos, los delitos menores suelen dar lugar a castigos como la libertad condicional, el servicio a la comunidad, las multas monetarias y el encarcelamiento breve o parcial.

President Trump says that he plans to sign the First Step Act

About 2,600 federal inmates in Texas and around the country who are serving long custodial sentences for crimes involving crack cocaine could be released if the First Step Act reaches President Trump's desk. Trump has vowed to sign the criminal justice reform bill, but political analysts expect bipartisan opposition in Congress to be fierce. Some Republicans say that the bill goes too far and jeopardizes public safety while many Democrats say that it does not go far enough.

How race may affect plea deals

Nonwhites in Texas who are offered plea deals in criminal cases may not be getting the same bargains as their white counterparts. According to a study of Wisconsin misdemeanor cases by a Loyola University professor, white defendants are more likely to get charges reduced, dismissed or dropped. If black people had no criminal history, they were still less likely to get their charges reduced than white people with no criminal history.

Penalties for marijuana reflect its dangerous potential

Many advocates of marijuana have scoffed at the notion that it is a so-called gateway drug which will inevitably lead to the use and abuse of harder drugs. While its legalization for medical purposes has proven beneficial in some states, the evidence remains that it is linked to increased likelihood of heroin and cocaine use.

The basics of bail

When an individual is taken into custody, that person may be given a citation and a promise to appear in court. However, a Texas resident may also be taken to jail after being taken into custody, and at that point, it may be necessary to bail out. A judge will determine if a person is eligible for bail and how much a person needs to pay to buy his or her freedom.


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