Any criminal allegations in San Antonio and throughout Texas can be serious. If there are several charges as part of one series of incidents, those who are confronted with these accusations can face extensive jail time, fines and other challenges even after they have completed their sentence. An accumulation of charges often accompanies a person who has been using drugs. It is important for those who are arrested on various criminal violations to be aware of their alternatives to lodge a defense.

Police chase leads to arrest for theft and DUI drugs

A series of incidents led to a high-speed chase and a man’s arrest. Law enforcement saw a driver whose vehicle was clocked at around 40 mph above the speed limit. When deputies tried to stop the vehicle, the driver fled. Officers noted that the vehicle was similar in description to one involved in another incident in which a former law enforcement officer called about two firearms having been stolen. As the chase continued, officers used a spike strip to stop the fleeing vehicle. The vehicle crashed and rolled over. Upon investigating further, the guns were found. The man was injured and hospitalized, but his injuries are not believed to be serious. He was also charged with DUI while on drugs.

Comprehensive legal assistance can help with a criminal case

Theft and DUI carry separate consequences that can accrue and result in various penalties. DUI may spark lost driving privileges, jail time fines and more. Theft – especially of firearms – can warrant other severe punishments. When combining these legal violations with the police chase and driving at 90 mph, there may be a long jail sentence and more.

While these charges are serious, since the man was on drugs, it might be possible to lodge a defense that focuses on treatment rather than incarceration. A plea bargain might be viable. Or there may even be circumstances that warrant the dropping of some charges and a reduced sentence. Before anything else, it is imperative to understand the potential avenues of defense. A law firm that provides comprehensive criminal defense may be able to help.