Federal charges stem from fraud scheme with San Antonio base

Companies large and small have different obligations when it comes to being in compliance with federal laws. In order for a business to operate, it not only needs to comply with these laws but it needs to produce a profit. Thus, business owners and those working with them will take action to ensure a business not only remains in operation but also produces a profit. Business strategies can be complex and multi-faceted; however, they should uphold the laws concerning the type of business they are and any contracts they have. Failure to do so could result in serious criminal allegations that carry with them harsh penalties.

Federal fraud and bribery charges

Based on recent reports, a software engineering firm based in Virginia has plead guilty to federal charges that stemmed from the allegations of a long-running bribery and fraud scheme that occurred at Joint Base San Antonio – Randolph. It was purported to involve hundreds of millions of dollars in government contracts. The majority owner and president of QuantaDyn Corporation on behalf of his company entered the guilty plea for the conspiracy to commit wire fraud.

Individual charges in a fraud scheme

Three individuals involved in the matter face conspiracy and fraud charges in the contract scheme. These trials are set for early next year. One of the three is accused of using his position at the San Antonio air base to steer contracts to the company. Additionally, he was allegedly paid $2.3 million in bribes for the role he played in this scheme.

The two others charges are accused of facilitating the payoff scheme. They both allegedly acted as middle men, funneling bribe money and laundering a portion of the money received. For all three individuals charged in this matter, the charges they face carry with them serious penalties. Some carry a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison.

Defense options

When faced with federal charges, it is important for the accused to fully consider the matter. This means looking at all working parts, who was involved and what claims are being made. This can help generate a full picture of the charges, distinguish how evidence was collected and the basis for the charges faced. This information can help with the development of a strong defense strategy that could ultimately help the accused reduce and even dismiss some or all of the charges faced.