When a motorist sees blue flashing lights in their rearview mirror, there is no doubt that their breath must hitch, if even a little. Especially if one has had previous brushes with the law and is wary of having their vehicle or person searched as a result. Many times, traffic stops lead to arrests and convictions of drug charges or DUI charges and it is important for those charged to remember that it is possible to defend oneself against them by challenging the actual traffic stop.

Three men might be thinking about their legal options as they face drug charges in Texas. According to officers, they stopped a vehicle going east on the Interstate for a traffic stop violation and seized 137 pounds of assorted Tetrahydrocannabinol from the car. Police officials claim that there were six boxes of the products in question in the back of the vehicle. allegedly, these drugs were being taken from Nevada to Winter Haven. The three men in the vehicle, an 18-year-old driver with his two passengers, a 44-year-old and 28-year-old, were all charged with felony possession of a controlled substance.

While THC possession might be legal in other states, this is not the case in Texas. In fact, often the penalties for marijuana extract possession are more severe than possession of marijuana, since THC is more potent and dangerous.

Those facing drug charges may be surprised to find out they are facing felony charges that can alter the course of the rest of their life. Equally surprising may be the fact that it is possible to challenge the original traffic stop and the discovery of evidence from a vehicle. an experienced attorney may be able to provide guidance on one’s defense options.