Although many states have started to relax their enforcement of marijuana-related laws, the war on drugs is raging in Texas. This can put you in a tough position when you are accused of drug possession, including marijuana as well as THC and hash oil. Even though it may be legal to purchase and possess these products in other states, it is illegal to do so here.

The penalties for possessing THC and hash-related oils can be harsh, too. In fact, possessing THC and hash oil is a felony offense. Depending on the amount of substance involved, a convicted individual could face up to life in prison. The harshest penalties are reserved for those convicted of possessing 400 grams or more of a Penalty Group 2 substance, whereas those who possess less than one gram can still face up to two years in jail. Additionally, a conviction could slam an individual with thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of dollars in fines, even if he or she is able to escape with limited incarceration.

But being stripped of your freedom and finances, and suffering a blow to your record and your reputation, no matter how limited, can significantly damage your life. It can have ripple effects on your life, affecting your ability to find housing, gain employment, and maintain your image in the community. Incarceration can even affect your relationships with your loved ones by taking you away from them and limiting your contact. That is too much to risk.

Fortunately, individuals who are accused of possessing THC oil may have criminal defense options available to them. To start, an accused individual may be able to claim that he or she did not knowingly possess the products in question. Another option may be to argue that evidence of possession should be suppressed due to an illegal search and seizure. Finally, even in cases where there is strong evidence of possession, an accused individual might be able to negotiate a plea deal that allows them to escape the worst penalties.

Pursuing these criminal defense options isn’t always easy, though. Fortunately, skilled legal help is obtainable.