Our readers in Texas have probably noticed that throughout the rest of the country there are several states which are taking a much more lenient approach to recreational drugs, such as marijuana. Texas is not one of those states. Here, the crackdown on illegal drugs by local, state and federal law enforcement officials continues in full swing.

For example, a recent report detailed how a federally-funded task force, known as the “High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Task Force,” raided a home in San Antonio, as well as a vehicle parked at the home. The reports indicate that the law enforcement officials allegedly discovered a large amount of marijuana in the vehicle, as well as a large amount of cash, two guns and a small amount of methamphetamine. In the home, law enforcement officials allegedly discovered more marijuana and eight guns, along with some body armor.

In all, three people were arrested in connection with these raids. The reports indicate that the home and vehicle that were raided were in close proximity to an elementary school. The three suspects are facing a wide range of drug charges.

This recent incident just goes to show that law enforcement agencies throughout Texas, including federal agencies, are still highly focused on pursuing individuals suspected of being involved in the possession, manufacture and distribution of illegal drugs. Anyone in Texas who is facing drug charges should be sure to get the right information about the available criminal defense options in their own unique case and circumstances.