Routine traffic stops can suddenly turn violent if the driver may have been involved in another crime. A nine-day manhunt north of San Antonio was the sequel to one such traffic stop when the suspect driver sped away from police and evaded detection for nine days.

The traffic stop occurred on Feb. 22, when Uvalde County sheriff’s deputies tried to pull over a man who was, in fact, a registered child sex offender. Deputies eventually caught up to the fugitive in Real County when his vehicle struck a tree. The suspect fled on foot and escaped into a nearby wooded area. During the foot chase, the fugitive and the deputy exchanged gun shots, but neither man was injured.

The suspect eluded capture, and he was able to hide from law enforcement officers for ten days. During this time, police identified him as being named in the Texas Sex Offender Registry. Various law enforcement agencies, including the Texas Rangers, searched for the fugitive. He was finally spotted in the small town of Ingram. Local police isolated the area where the man was hiding and asked other law enforcement agencies for assistance. The fugitive surrendered to police about 50 miles from the spot where the initial traffic stop took place.

According to information released by the Uvalde County Sheriff’s Department, the man was charged with the “attempted capital murder of a Uvalde County Sheriff’s deputy.” He was incarcerated for the charges stated in the warrant, but additional charges may be lodged.

The suspect in this case is facing serious criminal charges, but he is nevertheless innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Anyone in such circumstances may wish to consult with an experienced criminal lawyer for an evaluation of the charges and the evidence that allegedly supports the allegations. This case also demonstrates the usual futility of attempting to evade a wide-ranging fugitive pursuit.