A Deputy U.S. Marshal, whose duties include protecting the federal courthouse, serving federal warrants and pursuing federal fugitives from justice, is now faced with the possibility of prison himself after being charged with intoxication assault.

Intoxication assault, a charge related to DWI, is a felony in Texas can land a person in prison for months if not years.  Texas prosecutors will file this charge whenever a person, while intoxicated, causes an accident that leaves another person with serious injuries.

In this case, the man was allegedly driving his pickup the wrong way on an exit ramp in the San Antonio area. He struck a woman’s vehicle head on.

Rescuers say that they had to extract the woman from her car and then transported her to the hospital. Her condition was listed as serious.

Even though he is not yet convicted, the man is already facing repercussions. The U.S. Marshals Service, the man’s employer, has launched an internal investigation and has also already placed the man on administrative leave.

His future as a law enforcement officer is certainly in jeopardy in light of this pending case, especially if it ends with a conviction.

Authorities also indicate that they are investigating whether, prior to the accident, the man had been at a bar licensed by Texas to serve alcohol.

If this is the case, and if his bartender served him after the man showed some signs of being drunk, the bartender may also face criminal penalties.

When people get hurt after an accident involving an alleged drunk driver, both law enforcement officers and the general public are quick to place blame and often very zealous in pursuing punishment.

This does not mean that the accused is without viable legal options, including a vigorous defense against the charges.