Several previous posts on this blog have talked about how different Texas citizens have found themselves in legal hot water for possessing marijuana, THC oil, hashish and other substances related to cannabis.

Unlike other states in the area, Texas continues to outlaw marijuana and impose criminal penalties on those who break these laws. Texas has only one very limited exception for the medicinal use of cannabis oil.

Even a first offense for a possession of marijuana plants, even in a trace amount can land a person in jail for up to 180 days.

The more marijuana a person in his or her possession, the more serious the penalties. Felony charges are possible if a person has more than 4 ounces of the drug, even if there is no evidence the person intended to sell it.

Likewise, those accused of distributing the drug, especially for compensation, face stiff penalties. The sale of even less than 1 ounce of marijuana is charged as a felony, and a person accused of selling the drug in a designated drug-free zone or to a child under 17, even in a small amount, is liable to spend years or even decades in prison.

As this blog has mentioned before, Texas authorities are even stricter about the possession of THC oil, which is now a product used in vaping. For those in San Antonio who might not be aware, vaping is a popular trend among teens and young adults.

Charges related to THC oil are typically felonies, meaning that even one conviction can seriously damage a young person’s long-term professional and personal opportunities.

Because Texas police and prosecutors take the possession of marijuana seriously and because the stakes are high, it is important that those accused also take these drug charges seriously when exploring their legal options and preparing a defense.