People in Texas may be more likely to be taken into custody under laws around marijuana vaping than in the past as law enforcement around the country has begun cracking down on the practice. Nationwide, in the past two years, law enforcement has detained more than 120 people and seized over 500,000 marijuana vape cartridges. In part, the crackdown is driven by growing concern about a deadly lung disease that has been linked to THC vaping.

In some cases, the discoveries have been made while law enforcement is pursuing people involved in marijuana or other drug distribution in more traditional forms. The rise in marijuana found in vaping cartridges has introduced a number of complications for law enforcement. They must determine how existing laws apply to the delivery method and how to test for it. Law enforcement must also be trained to recognize the cartridges.

The cartridges are being found in many different places and situations. Law enforcement found nearly 77,000 cartridges in a suburban home and garage in Minneapolis. In California, 7,200 cartridges were found in a warehouse in Los Angeles that had ties to a company licensed to make a certain brand of vapes. Indiana troopers pulled a truck over for a traffic violation in March only to discover 50,000 vapes inside.

People who are facing a drug charge, whether it is related to vaping or drugs in another form, may want to contact an attorney. An attorney may be able to determine whether the charges could be reduced or dismissed. In some cases, the defendant might want to plead not guilty and go to trial, and the attorney might help with a defense strategy. In other cases, the defendant might want to choose a plea bargain. This deal with the prosecution could involve pleading guilty to lesser charges.