A three-vehicle accident in Texas on Oct. 19 led to the discovery of more than 100 pounds of marijuana. A 28-year-old man has been taken into custody in connection with the seized drugs. He has been charged with suspicion of marijuana possession and cited for speeding and operating an unregistered motor vehicle. He also has three outstanding warrants for failing to maintain financial responsibility for a motor vehicle according to the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office.

The chain-reaction accident took place in east El Paso County near the intersection of Peyton Road and Eastlake Boulevard. The car being driven by the man allegedly caused the accident by rear-ending another vehicle. Deputies say the man had fled the scene by the time they arrived. Deputies claim to have found about 145 pounds of marijuana in the abandoned car wrapped in several bundles.

The man was located after a brief search on Silver Hills. After being taken into custody, he was transported to the El Paso County Detention Facility for processing. Media reports indicate that the man remains in custody and the bonds he is being held on total $51,343.

The penalties for possessing large quantities of marijuana can be severe in Texas, and the urge to flee could be strong in an individual who is involved in a motor vehicle accident and fears the arrival of police could lead to serious drug charges. However, experienced criminal defense attorneys could advise those in such a situation to resist this urge and remain at the scene. This is because being involved in an accident may not provide police with probable cause to search a vehicle. Leaving the scene could also lead to additional charges and make negotiating a favorable plea arrangement more difficult for attorneys.