A 19-year-old man was taken into custody by police in Brown County on May 8 just one day after he was placed on probation for a misdemeanor drug charge. The man has been charged with aggravated robbery and is being held at a local detention facility in lieu of a $100,000 bond according to media reports. He is accused of attempting to rob the apartment of a Buffview man during the early morning hours of May 7 to obtain marijuana to sell on the street. His 24-year-old alleged accomplice has also been taken into custody.

The two men are said to have arrived at the apartment at about 12:30 a.m. The man’s alleged accomplice admitted that he brought a shotgun with him to scare the intended victim, and the man was armed with a realistic looking BB gun. Both men are accused of putting on bandanas to conceal their identities. The alleged accomplice says that the man fled the scene after losing his shoes and hat when the attempted robbery became violent.

The alleged accomplice was taken into custody at the scene and told police about the man’s involvement. He is also said to have admitted that he did not know who the intended victim was. The intended victim, who is facing drug possession charges, says that he was injured after being struck on the head with the shotgun after opening his apartment door.

Experienced criminal defense attorneys may advise individuals facing robbery or drug charges to not make any statements implicating others before speaking with a lawyer. This is because police do not have the authority to make any concessions in return for this kind of information. However, defense attorneys deal with prosecutors who can reduce charges or penalties, and they may be able to secure more lenient treatment for their clients.

Source: The Brownwood Bulletin, Police: second suspect arrested in marijuana robbery attempt, Staff report, May 8, 2019