People in Texas continue to face severe prosecutions for drug offenses even as a growing number of jurisdictions across the country move toward legalization of cannabis products. Many people use CBD oil or other hemp-based derivatives for their medical and other therapeutic effects. These concentrates do not contain a significant amount of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana that produces a high. Still, they can contain enough remnants in order to produce a positive test. This has left many CBD products in a legal limbo, even after changes in the 2018 federal farm bill that appear to have legalized the products.

One 71-year-old woman spoke about her experience after being detained at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport as she went to travel to visit her granddaughter in Oregon. She was handcuffed after her CBD oil was found in her travel bag. The woman lives in Mexico; the oil is legal in both her hometown and in her granddaughter’s state of Oregon. The woman said that she was disbelieving when told that she was under arrest. However, she learned that the issue was serious as she was taken to the DFW Airport Jail and then the county jail. Felony drug charges were filed against her but later dropped.

She is not the only traveler at the airport to be detained for CBD products; several others are still awaiting an outcome in their cases. Officials reported that arrests and interceptions of CBD products have shot up. Customs officials said that they are still figuring out how to implement the farm bill’s changes to the treatment of CBD products.

People in Texas can face serious charges for CBD products that contain any amount of lingering THC despite the popularity of these items. A criminal defense attorney may work with people facing drug charges and aim to prevent a conviction.