Texas police seize drugs and drug distribution items

Two Texas men were taken into custody after SWAT team members from the Brownwood Police Department and the Brown County Sheriff’s Office executed search warrants at their homes on March 28 and March 29. A 55-year-old Brownwood man has been charged with possessing drugs with the intent to deliver, and he faces a sentencing enhancement because narcotics were allegedly discovered in a drug-free zone. A 57-year-old Brownwood man faces drug and weapons possession charges.

The first search took place on at approximately 7:00 a.m. on March 28 at an apartment on Savoy Drive. Police say that they discovered two bags containing an undisclosed amount of a substance believed to be methamphetamine along with what reports described as a ‘dope kit” of items allegedly used to package and distribute drugs. The 55-year-old who lived in the apartment was arrested at the scene and remains in custody according to media accounts. His bond has been set at $40,000.

The second search of a 13th Street home was executed the following day at approximately 8:00 a.m. Police claim to have discovered 3.5 ounces of marijuana, an undisclosed quantity of methamphetamine, a gun and evidence of drug distribution. Initial reports do not reveal what led police to believe that the two residences were being used to store and distribute illegal drugs.

Individuals facing drug charges often feel that they have no choice but to cooperate when police discover illegal narcotics during the execution of a search warrant, but they should remain silent until they have consulted with a lawyer. This is because even apparently legitimate searches may be ruled unconstitutional if police strayed beyond limits established by the issuing judge.

Source: Big Country, “Two arrested during meth, marijuana investigation in Brown County”, Staff report, March 29, 2019