Vince Young says he’s not guilty of latest DWI charge

In the early morning hours of Feb. 4, former NFL quarterback Vince Young was arrested and charged with drunk driving in Texas. However, a few days later, he told media outlets that he was innocent of the alleged crime.

Young was taken into custody in Missouri City and held at the Fort Bend County Jail on a $500 bond. He was released several hours later. On Feb. 6, he took to Twitter to apologize to his loved ones and supporters, saying he intended to “make sure this never happens again”. By Feb. 9, he had changed his tune, telling media reporters that the DWI charge was just “an allegation” and that his attorney would be fighting the accusation.

Young, who first played with the Tennessee Titans, has been charged with drunk driving before. In early 2016, he was observed weaving his vehicle on an Austin highway and pulled over by police. After admitting to drinking multiple beers and failing to complete a field sobriety test, he was arrested for DWI. Before making it to the NFL, Young was a star football player at Madison High School in Houston. He was recruited by the University of Texas and led the Longhorns to the national championship title in 2006. After the Titans, he played for several other NFL teams before retiring in 2014.

Individuals convicted of DWI charges can face harsh penalties, including jail time, fines and the loss of their driving privileges. However, a criminal defense attorney could review the case, challenge the prosecution’s evidence and work to get the charges reduced or dismissed.

Source: ABC 13, “Vince Young claims he’s not guilty after DWI arrest near Missouri City“, Feb. 9, 2019