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February 2019 Archives

Retailers learning how to combat credit card skimmers

An increasingly common problem for retailers in Texas and other parts of the country is the use of credit card skimmers. This is why law enforcement officers are making an effort to help store owners better defend their gas pumps by minimizing issues with small devices used to illegally gather sensitive credit card information. Between 2017 and 2018 there was a threefold increase in skimmer installations in San Antonio alone, according to police.

Detalles importantes que debe conocer sobre los delitos menores

Los delitos menores no son tan graves según la ley como los delitos graves, lo que significa que implican castigos menos severos. En los Estados Unidos, los delitos menores suelen dar lugar a castigos como la libertad condicional, el servicio a la comunidad, las multas monetarias y el encarcelamiento breve o parcial.

Many identity theft cases include mandatory sentences

When people think of identity theft charges in Texas, their mind may first go to major overseas projects or a comprehensive system. However, people can be charged with identity theft on the basis of a number of allegations, some of which seem surprisingly minor. At the same time, some federal identity theft offenses carry mandatory minimum sentences. Not all state or even federal charges require the imposition of these mandatory minimums, especially because of the wide range of issues that can be prosecuted under the banner of identity theft.

Law enforcement operation catches gang fugitive

The Texas Anti-Gang Center in cooperation with local law enforcement agencies in Lubbock arrested 12 people during a search for one of the state's top 10 most wanted gang fugitives. Agents succeeded in finding their intended target, a 41-year-old man with an outstanding federal warrant for weapons violations.


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