A 20-year-old man is facing a first-degree felony count of delivery of marijuana after 68.37 pounds of the drug were allegedly discovered in the pickup truck he was driving in Jones County. A records check reveals that the El Paso resident has previously been charged with possessing 100 pounds of marijuana. According to a statement from the Anson Police Department, the seized drugs have a street value of about $120,000 and were being transported from El Paso to an undisclosed location in Kansas.

According to an APD report, the man’s Chevrolet Avalanche pickup truck was pulled over on Commercial Avenue in Anson for traveling at 42 mph in an area with a posted speed limit of 30 mph. The officer involved says that he noticed several indicators that contraband was being transported in the vehicle, but initial reports do not reveal what these indicators may have been. The officer says that he called a K9 unit to the scene after the man consented to a search of his vehicle.

The dog is said to have alerted to the presence of drugs while performing an air sniff around the vehicle. The pickup truck was then taken to an APD facility for a more rigorous inspection. Officers say that the truck had been altered to conceal 61 packages of marijuana.

Experienced criminal defense attorneys would likely urge those facing the possibility of drug charges to not allow police to search their vehicles, persons or property without first obtaining a search warrant. Attorneys may seek to have evidence of drugs discovered during warrantless searches excluded if police lacked sufficient probable cause, but these arguments are rendered moot when suspects have given consent. Seized drugs may also be ruled inadmissible when traffic stops are delayed unreasonably so that K9 units can be called to the scene.

Source: KFOX-TV, Anson police find 68 pounds of marijuana hidden in pickup truck, Kacie Taylor, Dec. 10, 2018