A 25-year-old man was detained on suspicion of possession of drugs. The man was pulled over while driving on Texas 6. According to a report from the Texas Department of Public Safety, a trooper said that the vehicle was speeding. The trooper then signaled for the driver of the vehicle to pull over. The driver complied, and the trooper walked to the driver’s side door.

The trooper noted that he smelled marijuana when the vehicle window was rolled down. Once the driver was approached, the trooper claimed to have spotted marijuana sitting on the passenger seat. The trooper proceeded to search the rest of the vehicle using the found marijuana as probable cause for the search. The search resulted in the police seizing what they believed to be 19 packages of THC candy gummies, 16 packages of marijuana, 26 Xanax tablets, six “pods” of THC oil, 11 oxycodone pills, two hydrocodone pills and one pint of codeine syrup from the vehicle. The trooper also reportedly confiscated a handgun, marijuana grinder and a digital scale.

The driver of the vehicle was detained and brought to Brazos County Jail. He was later charged with five felony counts of drug possession, a misdemeanor due to the alleged hydrocodone possession and a misdemeanor for carrying a weapon. One of the felony counts is punishable for up to life in prison. He was released on a bond of $49,000.

Drug charges carry serious consequences in the state of Texas and may include fines, prison time and community service. In order to minimize the potential impact of being charged with a drug crime, defendants may wish to speak with an attorney. An attorney may help ensure that none of the defendant’s rights were violated during the search, seizure and detainment by thoroughly reviewing the charges, evidence and police reports.

Source: The Eagle, “DPS: Traffic stop leads to arrest after number of drugs found”, 12/21/2018