Troopers from the Texas Department of Public Safety reportedly made a significant drug seizure during a routine traffic stop on the evening of Nov. 20. According to media accounts, more than 3,400 pounds of marijuana and about 2,400 pounds of products containing THC, which is the cannabinoid that gives marijuana its psychoactive properties, were found in a recreational vehicle pulled over on U.S. Route 287 in Donley County.

Initial reports do not reveal what type of motor vehicle infraction led to the traffic stop or what may have led troopers to believe that the recreational vehicle was being used to transport illegal narcotics, but they do state that the substances believed to be drugs were discovered in vacuum-sealed packages. The recreational vehicle was traveling in the eastbound lanes of U.S. Route 287 when it was pulled over according to the TDPS. Deputies say that its driver was on his way to Houston from Redding, California.

Deputies took the man into custody at the scene. He is described as a 52-year-old California resident. Reports indicate that he is facing a felony drug charge of marijuana possession and was transported to the Donley County Jail for processing.

When presented with this kind of situation, experienced criminal defense attorneys may study police reports carefully to see if the officers or troopers involved had probable cause to conduct a warrantless search of a pulled-over vehicle. In order to proceed without a search warrant, police must be able to show that they had good reason to conclude that evidence of ongoing criminal activity was being concealed. When seized narcotics are likely to be admitted into evidence, attorneys may encourage their clients to cooperate with prosecutors in return for more a more lenient sentence.

Source: My Texas Daily, Over 3,400 pounds of marijuana and 2,400 pounds of THC products seized in Texas traffic stop, Mathew Richards, Nov. 26, 2018