Four people are facing drug charges after being arrested in Palo Duro Canyon following a weekend trip with a fraternity from Texas Tech. They are accused of a number of allegations, including possession of marijuana and possession of other controlled substances. While members of the Texas Tech chapter of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity planned a weekend party trip to Palo Duro State Park, they failed to make reservations for a space at the park. In addition, park rangers allege that many of the fraternity members didn’t pay the entry fee at the park.

After the fraternity members arrived and began to party at the site without a reservation, police quickly arrived at the scene. The party was shut down by the cops, who instead began investigating the presence of drugs and alcohol as well as potential underage drinking at the site. Park rangers said that various charges are pending, and local agencies are communicating with the university about the less serious allegations.

University spokespeople said that they expect students to have fun but also to act responsibly and safely when enjoying themselves. However, drug charges can lead to serious consequences that can affect a person’s life for years to come, even when the charges themselves seem relatively minor. Offenders may face hefty fines, jail time or a criminal record as a result of a conviction.

When someone is accused of drug offenses, a criminal defense attorney can provide assistance. A lawyer could help a defendant avoid a conviction by challenging the evidence presented by police and the allegations of the prosecution. Even in the case of a likely conviction, a lawyer can work to mitigate sentencing or arrange an alternate disposition.