Avoid a holiday DWI in Texas with these guidelines

The uptick in drunk driving incidents during the holidays happens across the country, including right here in Texas. When the holiday festivities begin, more drunk drivers hit the road, and police ramp up enforcement. The last thing you want to do during the winter holidays is hurt someone or go to jail because of a DWI. 

It is imperative to prepare yourself so you can safely get home after holiday parties. Use these tips to prevent your chances of going to jail because of drunk driving. 

Know the consequences

If you are aware of the repercussions of driving while drunk, you will be less likely to do it. Here are some troubling DUI statistics from the 2016 holiday season in Texas:

  • Car accidents – 2,321
  • Fatalities – 82
  • Severe injuries – 199

You do not want to play a role in hurting someone else or yourself. Additionally, you can face a fine as expensive as $17,000 for driving under the influence. Plus, you may have to go to jail or lose your license. Let these ramifications deter you from getting behind the wheel after drinking.

Plan for a sober ride

The Texas Department of Transportation is launching a campaign to find a sober driver to take you home after drinking at a party. You can call a taxi, use a ridesharing service, call a friend or ask for help on social media. You should plan how you will get home long before the party. 

Ask to stay the night

If you cannot find a ride home, or if it is impractical, try to stay the night somewhere. Ideally, you should try to sleep where the party occurs, but if that is not possible, stay with a friend close by. Another option is booking a motel or hotel room for the night. 

Be careful this holiday season. Make plans for getting home, finding a place to stay and committing to not drink and drive.