Texas fans of rapper Daz Dillinger may be aware of his feud with Kanye West. West allegedly filed a restraining order against Dillinger in May.

However, West may temporarily have less to worry about since Dillinger was taken into custody on Sept. 25 for possession of marijuana. Reportedly, the incident occurred just outside his Georgia home where police found him with 117 grams of marijuana. In addition, he had a container labeled “Cannabis Lean”, a vaporizer, oil and THC pods. Dillinger’s bond was set at $15,000. He was charged with one count of possessing more than an ounce of marijuana and 12 counts of possession of a controlled substance.

The feud between West and Dillinger is related to a lyric in the Kanye West song “Ye Vs. The People” regarding the Crips. Dillinger called on the Crips to attack West. He also attacked West’s wife, Kim Kardashian, in a recorded message.

Some people might think charges related to marijuana possession is not serious, but this is not the case. For any type of drug charge, there can be stringent legal repercussions as well as an effect on a person’s livelihood and even the ability to access financial aid for college and some types of housing. An attorney may look at a variety of options for a defense. In some cases, charges could be dropped if a person’s rights were violated during the search or at some other point in the person’s detention. Another option could be a plea bargain. This usually involves avoiding a trial and pleading guilty to lesser charges to receive a lighter sentence. However, in some cases, a person may want to plead not guilty, work with an attorney on a defense strategy and go to trial.

Source: Hot New Hip Hop, “Daz Dillinger Reportedly Arrested For Marijuana Possession“, Alex Zidel, Sept. 26, 2018