CBD products showing up in Texas stores

As medical and recreational cannabis is legalized in more areas across the country, there has been a rise in Texas stores selling CBD or cannabidiol products. CBD is an extract of cannabis that is widely promoted for its pain relief and other medical properties. It does not contain THC, widely known as the psychoactive element in cannabis. As a result, it does not produce intoxication or a “high” and is often recommended by natural health enthusiasts and physicians as a means to handle insomnia and other issues.

In 2015, the state enacted a restrictive law on medical marijuana; it allows dispensaries with a state license to make and sell products with CBD. In fact, the law allows sales in higher concentrations than most of the products currently found on the retail market. Because CBD does not produce a high, however, many companies and individuals have begun selling the products without a specific license. CBD sales are not specifically forbidden under state law, and an increasing number of natural-health and skin-care companies are producing CBD products for sale across the country.

According to reports, these products exist in a legal gray area in the state. Prosecutors and police disagree about whether the sale of CBD items is legal in Texas. This means that some small businesses selling CBD oils and creams or even end users may find themselves test cases for the state’s treatment of CBD. If the sales are considered illegal, convicted sellers could receive fines of thousands of dollars and jail time; even people using CBD could face time in jail and substantial fines.

Drug charges in Texas can come with serious consequences, including a criminal record, hefty fines and even jail time. A criminal defense lawyer can help someone accused of marijuana possession or cannabis oil possession challenge the allegations and avoid a conviction.