By and large, marijuana has become far more accepted across the United States in recent years. Although it is still illegal in the state of Texas, there are still plenty of people here who use it regularly. In fact, one study found that a demographic increasingly using the substance is seniors. 

Data indicates that approximately 9 percent of individuals between the ages of 50 and 64 have utilized some form of marijuana within the past year. Within that same time period, around 3 percent of people who were at least 65 years old had used marijuana. This is a sharp uptick compared to only a few years ago. Many of these seniors appear to have used it earlier in life, with some participants having started in their 20s. 

Reasons for this increase

There are many possible explanations for why senior citizens have used marijuana at higher rates. One reason could relate to the litany of health benefits that come from marijuana use. It can help immensely with those who suffer from chronic pain, and it also has uses related to mental health problems, such as PTSD and depression. Additionally, although marijuana cannot cure cancer, it can help alleviate some of the discomfort associated with going through chemotherapy, such as vomiting and nausea. 

It also appears as though marijuana use has increased because senior citizens, both in Texas and in other states, receive recommendations from their doctors to use it. In certain circumstances, medical marijuana is legal in Texas. There are many complications that can arise from prescription medication, and opioid use has run rampant around the nation, resulting in an epidemic. In some cases, it may actually be safer for some individuals to use marijuana to deal with specific medical conditions. 

It may be awhile until Texas legalizes marijuana fully. All Texans should remain up-to-date on the law to make sure the way they use marijuana is legal and safe.