Is legalization of recreational marijuana soon to come in Texas? Texas GOP backs that idea.

Texas presently operates under the Compassionate Use Act. Governor Greg Abbott signed this bill into law in 2015, and although it does allow for some medical marijuana use in the Lone Star State, there are plenty of limitations. 

Although recreational marijuana is still illegal in the state, that could very well change in the near future. The 2018 Texas Republican Convention recently wrapped up. Republicans throughout the state debated which policies they would fight for going forward, and for the first time at the convention, conservatives backed support for legalizing marijuana in the state. Not only will more Texas Republicans seek to decriminalize marijuana; they will also fight more to see that industrial hemp no longer classifies as a Schedule 1 drug. 

Texas Republicans hop aboard the belief a majority of Americans share

Most Americans want possession of recreational marijuana to no longer be a criminal offense. Every year, thousands of people go to jail for having a small amount of marijuana in their possession. Sending low-level marijuana offenders to jail takes up state money and resources. In Texas alone, between 60,000 and 70,000 individuals go to jail every year for these non-violent offenses. 

Republicans’ stance

Hundreds of delegates came together in June to discuss how the party will talk about marijuana going forward. Specifically, the party will view industrial hemp as a valuable commodity to the state’s agricultural industry. And it appears as though the party will support measures to allow farmers in the state to cultivate, manufacture and sell marijuana within Texas’ borders.

The lingering reality

Still, the reality is that you can face serious penalties for marijuana possession in Texas, particularly if you are arrested for possession of hash oil. Possession of any amount of hash oil is currently a felony in Texas, despite the fact that marijuana and hash oil are legal for recreational use in other states. If you find yourself facing cannabis-related charges, do not hesitate to talk to an experienced criminal defense lawyer.