Texas residents who are fans of actor Vince Vaughn may have heard that he was taken into custody for DUI on June 10. He was stopped at a checkpoint about 12:30 a.m. between Hermosa and Manhattan Beach. After being taken into custody, he was sent to Manhattan Beach Jail before being released. In addition to the DUI, he was also charged with resisting efforts to take him into custody.

Authorities clarified that there was no use of force, but it was determined that Vaughn tried to delay the investigation. Another person in the vehicle with Vaughn at the time of the traffic stop was also taken into custody and charged with obstruction as well as being intoxicated in public. There were no details given as to why officers believed the men were drunk. There also were no details given as to the bail paid by either man to be released from custody.

Individuals who are charged with DWI could face a variety of penalties if they are convicted. Fines or jail time could also accompany a conviction for resisting an officer or other charges a person may face related to a drunk driving incident. An attorney may be able to help a client obtain a favorable outcome in a case, which could result in it being dismissed.

It could also mean that a defendant receives a plea bargain. An attorney may be able to obtain such an outcome by having evidence in a case suppressed. Alternatively, legal counsel could cast doubt on witness testimony or other evidence that is allowed to be showcased during a trial. In a drunk driving case, it may be possible to argue that a test was either administered or handled incorrectly, which led to an inaccurate result.

Source: CNN, ‘Actor Vince Vaughn arrested for DUI,” Chuck Johnston and Dakin Andone, June 10, 2018