2 Texans arrested for drugs in traffic stop

Law enforcement authorities with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office reportedly took two Texas residents into custody on drug charges following a traffic stop. The incident happened on April 19 in Nederland.

According to the police, the drug task force had been observing the man and the woman because they suspected that they were selling drugs. An officer pulled the pair over after signaling them to do so at 5:30 p.m. After they were stopped, the female passenger was allegedly acting in a nervous manner. When an officer asked her if she had anything illegal, she allegedly pulled out a black coin purse and handed it to the officer. Inside, officers found three baggies that allegedly contained 10 grams of cocaine.

Officers then searched the trunk of the vehicle and found 4.5 ounces of marijuana in the trunk. The male driver was charged with possession of marijuana, and the female passenger was charged with possession of a controlled substance.

Texas courts treat people who are convicted of drug charges very harshly. When people are accused of possessing drugs with the intention to sell them, the potential penalties may be even more severe. People who are facing charges may want to talk to criminal defense lawyers as soon as possible. The lawyers may be able to identify problems with the manner in which the police conducted their investigation. For example, a lawyermight examine whether the police had a reasonable suspicion to believe that a person in a vehicle that was pulled over had committed a crime or if it was instead a hunch. If there wasn’t reasonable suspicion, the evidence might be suppressed.

Source: NewsFIX, “Driver, passenger arrested for alleged drug possession after traffic stop in Jefferson County“, April 20, 2018