Texas family accused of selling marijuana

The Narcotics Task Force for the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office arrested a father and son, ages 57 and 25, in Richmond. Law enforcement raided the family home in the Tara subdivision on the 6700 block of Pickett, where they claimed to find drugs worth $40,000.

According to the arrest report, the materials confiscated by the agents included 2.5 pounds of marijuana and 1,176 grams of substances containing THC. Cash in the amount of several hundred dollars was seized as well. After the search, investigators concluded that the men were dealing drugs out of the home.

Due to the location of the alleged drug dealing operation, the men now face first-degree felony charges of manufacturing and delivering controlled substances in a drug-free zone. The father and son also face additional charges of drug possession. The men were detained by the authorities at the Fort Bend County Jail.

A drug charge conviction could cause long-term consequences for a person beyond serving a prison sentence. A criminal record could restrict an individual’s employment opportunities as well. With legal representation, a person could gain guidance while interacting with the court. A criminal defense attorney might offer services that help a person contest charges at a trial or obtain a plea deal for reduced charges. A lawyer could act to protect a person’s rights by reviewing the activities of law enforcement. Violations of constitutional rights, like an unlawful search and seizure, could introduce the possibility of removing evidence from a case. An attorney could also open negotiations with a prosecutor and strive to gain a plea deal that replaces jail time with attendance at a drug diversion program.

Source: CE 39, “Father, son arrested in $40,000 drug bust at Richmond home“, April 4, 2018