Police in Texas say that a series of coordinated raids on the morning of April 17 were part of an effort to combat criminal activity in an apartment complex that has long been a problem for authorities. Officers with the San Antonio Police Department, the Texas Department of Public Safety and San Antonio Code Enforcement took part in the operation at the Cattleman’s Square Apartments in downtown San Antonio.

A senior officer with the SAPD’s Narcotics Unit said that drug dealers have been using the apartments to conduct business for several years, but reports indicate that a new investigation was launched in February after police learned that two criminal organizations had moved into the building. However, initial reports did not indicate which criminal organizations may have been involved. Officials hope that further inspections will find enough code violations to shut the building down permanently.

According to media accounts, arrest warrants were obtained for 55 individuals on drug possession and delivery charges before the raids began. Police say that eight of these suspects were taken into custody during the operation. Eight additional individuals were detained on other charges. Police say that the remaining suspects will likely be apprehended in the coming days.

Prosecutors often work under great pressure, and their burdens may become unmanageable when major police operations result in large numbers of new arrests. In these situations, experienced criminal defense attorneys may offer prosecutors the possibility of a speedy resolution in return for leniency when the evidence against their clients is strong. However, attorneys could seek to have drug charges dismissed when the evidence gathered by police is unconvincing or rights protected by the U.S. Constitution may have been violated.

Source: My San Antonio, “16 arrested, 24 still at large after joint police operation in downtown San Antonio”, Caleb Downs, April 17, 2018