It has been reported that deputies from Harris County Precinct 5 in Texas executed a raid on what was suspected to be an illegal grow house for marijuana. They seized more than 200 marijuana plants, which had a street value of about $300,000.

Investigators began surveillance on a house located in the 8200 block of Polaris Point Lane in Cypress after they received a tip about the location. Surveillance was conducted on the home for several weeks until the raid. Deputies found more than 200 plants and several large bags filled with marijuana. Additionally, authorities said that they found lights, timers and a fertilizing schedule. It appeared that different areas of the home were rigged to have multiple growing seasons.

Two men, age 40 and 42, were subsequently taken into police custody following the raid. It was reported that one of the men immediately surrendered to the authorities while the other attempted to hide under the insulation in the attic.

The state of Texas takes accusation of drug possession and drug manufacturing extremely seriously. In fact, those who are facing a drug charge for drug manufacturing could be sentenced to years or even decades in prison depending on the type and amount of drugs that the person was supposedly associated with. A criminal law attorney may review the case and mount a strong defense against the claims being made by the prosecution. In some cases, the attorney may argue that the seizure was illegal or that the accused person’s rights were violated in some other manner.

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