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January 2018 Archives

Texas man facing life sentence for drug charges

Texas residents could face particularly serious consequences following a drug arrest. Sentences can be lengthy, and even possession of a small amount of marijuana could lead to felony charges. The potential sentences are even harsher for people facing charges of distribution or delivery of drugs.

2 facing charges after police raid suspected grow house

It has been reported that deputies from Harris County Precinct 5 in Texas executed a raid on what was suspected to be an illegal grow house for marijuana. They seized more than 200 marijuana plants, which had a street value of about $300,000.

2 charged after police find 677 lbs of pot in RV

On Jan. 14, two individuals were charged with drug possession with intent to distribute after Texas authorities found more than 670 pounds of marijuana in a recreational vehicle during a traffic stop. It was estimated that the street value of the marijuana was more than $2 million.

2 ways police may try to arrest you for marijuana possession

The question of what happens to people caught with marijuana has become a tricky subject in recent years. While it is legal to have a small amount of the substance on your person in Washington, Colorado and a few other states, marijuana is still illegal in Texas. In general, most states have begun to treat marijuana like alcohol when you drive, so you should always avoid driving while high

Marijuana worth $424,000 discovered during traffic stop

A routine traffic stop on the afternoon of Dec. 21 led to the recovery of marijuana with a street value of more than $400,000 according to the Texas Department of Public Safety. A 28-year-old woman and a 41-year-old man were taken into custody at the scene and charged with felony marijuana possession in connection with the drug haul. Reports indicate that the man was later released from the Carson City Jail after posting a bond of $22,000.


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