Although the state of Texas still maintains strict laws against marijuana use, children with epilepsy that does not respond to other treatments can now legally use CBD oil. This extract of the cannabis plant has produced dramatic relief for young epilepsy patients throughout the world. One Texas mother has publicly expressed her relief that she can access the medicine without fear of getting in trouble with the law. She believes that medical marijuana should be legally available in the state to treat more conditions than just epilepsy.

Her daughter had at one time endured as many as 400 seizures a day. Her parents expected the continual seizures would eventually kill the four-year-old girl. More success stories have been reported worldwide. In the United Kingdom, an 11-year-old boy with severe epilepsy controlled his seizures with cannabis. In Israel, the parents of a boy with epilepsy and cerebral palsy reported that his seizures abated entirely after a few weeks of cannabis therapy.

The ability of CBD oil to significantly reduce seizures in epileptic children has promoted acceptance of marijuana’s medicinal benefits. Parents willing to try cannabis when everything else has failed to help their children have worked to overcome the controversy of giving their children a drug still seen as illegal by some people.

Despite medical discoveries for marijuana, people continue to be prosecuted under existing drug laws. When authorities file a drug charge against someone, the person could reach out to an attorney for advice. An attorney could act to protect the person’s rights by challenging evidence seized during an unlawful search. An attorney might communicate these concerns to a prosecutor and achieve a reduction of charges. With legal support, a person might avoid prosecution on charges that cannot be fully supported by evidence.