Following the enactment of Texas’s medical marijuana law, a new medical marijuana dispensary in the Austin area is now cultivating marijuana for people who have intractable epilepsy. The company, which is called Compassionate Cultivation, is one of three that are licensed in the state to grow medical marijuana.

According to reports, the facilities are allowed to grow marijuana that is high in concentrations of cannabidiol but low in concentrations of tetrahydrocannabinol. This means that the medical marijuana will offer the benefits of CBD without the high from THC.

The Epilepsy Foundation estimates that approximately 150,000 people in Texas with intractable epilepsy could benefit from taking medical marijuana. Before the law passed, many people had moved to other states that allowed medical marijuana in order to gain access to it. Compassionate Cultivation is currently awaiting final approval from the Texas Department of Public Safety to be able to also sell cannabis oil. If it is approved, the company will begin offering it in January 2018.

While Texas now has a limited medical marijuana law in place, marijuana remains to be illegal for recreational use as well as for the treatment of many medical conditions besides intractable epilepsy. People who are caught with marijuana may face drug charges. The charges may range in severity, depending on the amount of marijuana that the people have in their possession and whether or not they are suspected of possessing it with the intent to sell. People who are charged might benefit by getting help from experienced criminal defense lawyers as soon as they can. When lawyers are able to start working on their clients’ cases early, they may have more time to build strong defense strategies.

Source: Fox 7, “Austin area medical marijuana dispensary growing medicine for patients with epilepsy“, Jennifer Kendall, Nov. 28, 2017