In Texas, two people are facing drug charges after their vehicle was pulled over on Nov. 1 in Hildago County. According to the criminal complaint, the 33-year-old man and his 35-year-old female passenger were detained by a Texas Department of Public Safety trooper at approximately 5:46 p.m. Reports indicate that the window tint on the stopped Chevrolet Silverado appeared to be darker than it is allowed to be by law.

Once stopped, the man reportedly declined the state trooper’s request to search the vehicle. During the subsequent investigation, the trooper determined that the man’s license was suspended and took him into custody. As he proceeded to conduct an inventory of the truck, the trooper discovered 272 pounds of marijuana. The marijuana had been separated into 27 plastic-wrapped bundles and packed in a toolbox that was found in the white pickup truck’s bed.

Sources say that the woman was then also taken into custody. Both individuals were transported to the Hidalgo County jail on charges of possession of marijuana. Reports indicate that news sources reached out to both individuals but that neither was available for comment.

Texas residents who find themselves facing drug possession charges under similar circumstances may also want to avoid any public discussion of the matter until they have sought legal counsel. Upon examination of the evidence, a criminal defense attorney may be able to find violations of protocols or other deficiencies in the prosecution’s case, which could potentially lead to a dismissal. Depending on the situation, the attorney could work to achieve a reduction of the drug charge and possibly help the client avoid some of the more stringent penalties that could be associated with a conviction in criminal court.

Source: Valley Central, “State trooper finds 272 pounds of marijuana inside truck’s tool box during traffic stop,” 11/03/2017