According to law enforcement authorities with the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office, six men were taken into custody for an allegedly sophisticated marijuana growing operation. Search warrants were reportedly executed on multiple residences in late September, resulting in the arrests of the men.

Officers with the Fort Bend County Narcotics Task Force reportedly conducted an investigation into marijuana growing operations in Harris and Fort Bend counties. The warrants were executed on four homes. In three of them, officers report that they found growing operations with marijuana plants valued at $2.3 million. At the fourth home, officers allegedly found a cache of weapons, cash and processed marijuana.

A total of 778 plants, indoor equipment for growing, scales and other supplies for processing marijuana were seized, along with weapons, cash and cultivated marijuana. Three Fort Bend County residents were taken into custody. The remaining three were arrested in Harris County. All are facing felony drug charges.

While many states have moved to decriminalize or legalize marijuana, illegally growing and distributing marijuana continues to be a serious felony charge in Texas. People who are convicted of the distribution and sale of marijuana in the state may face severe penalties, including years in prison. People who are charged with major drug crimes may want to retain experienced criminal defense lawyers who understand how to build defense cases to drug allegations. Attorneys may investigate their clients’ cases thoroughly in order to find problems with the state’s case and to identify any mitigating evidence. They may then negotiate with the prosecutors to try to secure favorable plea agreements for their clients.

Source: Next Shark, “6 men arrested in Texas with $2.3 Million of marijuana in neighborhood grow operation“, Heather Yu, Oct. 13, 2017