Pilot sentenced to 3 years in prison, must forfeit plane

On Sept. 25, it was reported that a Texas pilot was sentenced to three years in prison for smuggling drugs across state lines. Further, the 65-year-old man was ordered to surrender his 1969 Piper Comanche and pay a fee of $5,000.

According to investigators, the pilot was flying from Oregon to Arizona in March when his flight pattern raised suspicions. He was taken into custody at Llano Municipal Airport after landing late at night. During a search of his single-engine plane, investigators said more than 200 pounds of marijuana was seized. The investigators said that the pilot had attempted to land at two other small airports, but he took off due to officers being present. The man pleaded guilty to possession with intent to distribute marijuana in June.

When individuals are facing a drug charge, they could be sentenced to jail or prison if they are convicted. However, they could also face additional punishments that may include major fines, probation and forfeiture of cash or personal property that authorities believe may have been used to commit the crime.

In these cases, a conviction will have a major impact on their future. As such, a criminal law attorney may launch a separate investigation into the claims to help ensure that the authorities did not violate an accused person’s rights and that they followed proper procedures throughout the entirety of the case. If the attorney finds that the prosecution’s allegations do not match the evidence or that the authorities did not follow proper procedures, he or she may work to have certain evidence suppressed.

Source: The Cannabist, “Texas pilot gets 3 years for weed smuggling flight“, Sept. 25, 2017