On Aug. 30, three Texas men were taken into custody after the police executed a search warrant at a residence they were in. During the execution of the search warrant, the police reportedly found a number of different drugs, including marijuana, MDMA and Xanax.

During the search of the residence, which was located in the 3000 block of College Drive in Texarkana, police recovered more than three pounds of marijuana in addition to the other drugs. Police also recovered a .45 caliber pistol and a set of digital scales that were thought to be associated with drug trafficking.

The three men who were taken into custody were identified as two 21-year-olds and an 18-year-old. They were all facing charges for possession of controlled substances and possession of marijuana. One man was also facing additional charges for unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon. He also had three traffic warrants and a probation violation warning for his arrest. Following the incident, all three men were taken to Bi-State Jail. Two of the men were being held on a $43,000 bond while the third man was being held on a $54,000 bond.

Because the state of Texas takes drug crime allegations seriously, every drug charge has serious consequences if a person is convicted. Depending on the type of drug charge, a person could be facing incarceration, fines and probation. However, a criminal law attorney could go over the case to ensure that the authorities did not violate the person’s rights. For example, if the attorney finds that the evidence was illegally seized or the search warrant was not valid, the attorney could seek to suppress the evidence and work to have the charges dismissed.

Source: TXK Today, “Texarkana Police Arrest Three Men and Seize Narcotics“, Field Walsh, Aug. 31, 2017