On Sept. 7, a Texas man was taken into custody and charged with possession of marijuana and other offenses after he reportedly led police on high-speed chase. Authorities were tipped off to the 24-year-old man at about 6 p.m.

During the call, the police were reportedly told that the man was transporting bundles of marijuana in his van. They spotted the vehicle near the intersection of McPherson and Calton roads in Laredo. When they attempted to conduct a traffic stop on the van, the driver reportedly refused to stop and kept driving at a high speed for several blocks. On the 900 block of San Jose Street, the vehicle struck a pole and a fence before continuing southbound.

The chase ended in the 400 block of Guerrero Street. During a subsequent search of the vehicle, authorities reportedly found about 1,485 pounds of what is believed to be marijuana. Both the accused man and a 16-year-old passenger were detained. They were both ultimately charged for being in possession of the marijuana, for reckless driving and for evading an arrest with a vehicle.

In Texas, a conviction on a drug charge could result in serious consequences that may include a jail sentence, probation and major fines that could leave a person in serious debt. However, a criminal law attorney may conduct their own investigation to determine if the authorities followed proper procedures when conducting the traffic stop and vehicle search. If the accused person’s rights were violated at some point during the arrest process, the lawyer may work to have the charges dismissed or reduced.