On Aug. 12, a Texas state trooper reportedly seized more than 200 pounds of marijuana after pulling a vehicle over for a traffic violation. The traffic stop was conducted on U.S. 77 at about 2:40 p.m.

When the 2003 white Dodge pickup truck was searched, the trooper reportedly found 24 bundles of marijuana that had been stashed inside a false compartment in the bed of the pickup truck. The 23-year-old Los Fresnos driver was taken into custody where he was charged with possession of marijuana. He was taken to Willacy County Jail. According to the Texas Department of Public Safety, it was estimated that the 215 pounds of marijuana seized had a street value of about $1 million.

Texas is particularly known for its tough drug laws and stiff consequences for those who are convicted on drug charges. A person facing a drug charge for possession of marijuana, for example, could face fines, a jail sentence and probation. The severity of the potential consequences depend on the amount of the drug the person was accused of being in possession of and the person’s intent.

Even though a person may be accused of being in possession of illegal substances, he or she still has certain rights that the authorities cannot violate. Further, there are certain procedures that the authorities cannot deviate from. If a criminal defense attorney conducts an independent investigation and finds that the evidence was collected illegally or the person’s rights were violated at some point during the process of being taken into custody, the attorney could file a motion to suppress. This could result in a dismissal if successful.

Source: Valley Central, “State trooper seizes more than 200 pounds of marijuana after traffic stop“, Aug. 14, 2017