On July 27, two Texas men were taken into custody after state troopers allegedly found marijuana and liquid THC in their vehicle. The drugs were reportedly found after a trooper conducted a traffic stop.

At about 3:32 p.m., a trooper reportedly observed the Dodge driving on an improved shoulder on U.S. Highway 287. After pulling the Dodge over, the trooper had the driver step out of the vehicle. When asked if the vehicle could be searched, the driver deferred to the passenger who denied the request. A K-9 officer was called in and alerted the authorities to the potential presence of narcotics, providing probable cause for a search.

Ultimately, authorities said that they found approximately 56.3 pounds of marijuana in vacuum-sealed packages and liquid THC that had been stashed in various places around the vehicle. The accused individuals were taken into custody and the vehicle was towed. The men, ages 41 and 24, were both charged with possession of a controlled substance and possession of marijuana. They both posted $35,000 bond and were no longer being held in custody.

Texas has some of the harshest drug laws in the U.S., meaning those who are facing a drug charge will likely receive serious penalties if a conviction is obtained. Depending on the type and amount of drugs a person is accused of being in possession of, the penalties could include fines, a jail sentence and a criminal record that prevents a person from seeking gainful employment and loans later on. One challenge that a criminal defense attorney could make under some circumstances is that the authorities did not have the required reasonable suspicion to conduct the traffic stop itself.

Source: Web Link: Times Record News, “Pair reportedly found with over 56 pounds of marijuana, 38 pounds THC“, July 31, 2017