A 32-year-old woman told an officer that she had been drinking “a lot” before she was driving home from a friend’s house during the early morning hours of Feb. 25. At about 2:35 a.m, authorities had been called to an accident at an intersection in Lubbock. According to a witness, the woman’s SUV was going north on Indiana Avenue when it collided with a blue Ford Fiesta going west.

The woman in the SUV had run a red light prior to the collision, the witness said. When police arrived at the scene, they found the SUV had sustained heavy damage to its front end while the Fiesta had damage to the driver side. The driver of the Fiesta was a 30-year-old woman who was declared dead at the scene. An officer noticed that the driver of the SUV had glassy eyes and slurred speech, which indicated that she was intoxicated.

A blood draw revealed that her blood alcohol content was .237, which is nearly three times the legal limit. Prosecutors have charged her with second-degree felony manslaughter. That could lead to a sentence of between two and 20 years in prison. Prosecutors also say that her car was a deadly weapon, and that could play a role in when she is eligible for parole.

Individuals who are convicted of a DUI charge could face serious penalties including time spent in prison. An attorney may be able to help them obtain a favorable outcome in their cases. By casting doubt on blood tests or witness testimony, it may be possible to negotiate a plea or have a case dismissed entirely.