It has been reported that police issued arrest warrants for three University of North Texas students. Two of the students were accused of promoting prostitution while the third student was accused of being in possession of drugs.

Authorities took one of the students into custody on May 1 for possessing less than two ounces of marijuana. No other information was available on the other two students. However, the university noted that the three students who were involved in the case were not allowed on campus until there was a resolution.

The arrest culminated from an investigation into reports of alleged prostitution, which authorities received on March 30. The arrest warrants for the three students were then obtained on April 28. All three students had previously been on the UNT basketball team, though they were no longer associated with the program when the investigation began. The university retained attorneys for the purpose of conducting an independent review of the athletics program to ensure that the alleged criminal activities were isolated incidents and not widespread within the athletics department.

Those who are facing a drug charge could receive serious consequences that could include a jail sentence if a conviction is obtained. Students could also face being kicked out of school and be unable to continue their higher education. This could have serious implications for their ability to find adequate employment in the future. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the case, a criminal law attorney may potentially assist with creating a strong defense that protects the defendants’ rights during the trial. In some cases, the attorney may work with the prosecution and the school so that the students can continue their education.

Source: Breibart, “Three Texas Students Accused of Promoting Prostitution, Drugs“, Merrill Hope, May 3, 2017